Should I Strength Train As I Train For the Cap City Half Marathon?

Coach Juie

This was a question sent to me by Katie in Columbus. Thanks Katie, for your question! I thought it was a fabulous question that others may be interested in as well, so I wanted to post my response here!

Strength training is an essential element to your training program. Your body needs to be strong to support your frame, posture and cardiovascular endurance. If you have a strong cardiovascular capacity, but a weak muscular endurance, you will likely fatigue more quickly than you need to and this can lead to potential injury, unenjoyment of your run and a decrease in your efficiency (bottom line – you can be faster, stronger, feel better and have more energy when you strength train as a part of your program!)

I recommend incorporating strength training 2-3 days of your week (usually on your non-run days or shorter distance days) to incorporate strength training. Different people like to break their strength program down differently.

Some like to do upper body one day, lower body one day and a combination one day (with ab work on each of those days). Others like to do combo sets each day – where they will hit quads/hams, bi-tris, core one day and then calves/shins, back/shoulders. core one day. It is entirely up to you and what you prefer. I am happy to help you put together a more specific program – but you’ll need to email me and provide me a little more specific information about you and your goals/history so that I can customize a training program for you.

How much should you be lifting? When training for an endurance event, I recommend lifting low weight, high reps. That would mean lifting a weight that you could do 2-4 sets of 12-16 without breaking down form – coming to challenge/fatigue on the last few in your final set. If you lift heavy weights, lower reps, you’ll likely add onto your muscle mass in a more bulky way, which tends to slow people down in their endurance running. Low weight, high reps tend to build enduring, strong, and lean muscle tone that can compliment your running program. Again, we are all a little different in our journey and this advice is more of a general recommendation.

Another idea that you might consider is to try yoga. Vinyasa flow yoga is incredibly strengthening in the body.
Attached to this blog is a 15 minute intro video I put together that give the basics of a Sun Salutation A and B.

Yoga – Basic Sequence Sun Salutations A B

This is a great way to begin learning some basic yoga and see if it is something that you enjoy! It can help strength/flexibility and core development – all essential for your training program.

Thanks for the question Katie!
Keep your questions coming!

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