Feeling Tight After Your Run? Try these Yoga/Stretches for Runners!

Many think that as a walker or runner, you are quick, nimble and flexible.  But – the truth is that most runners tend to be tight in their hips and lower back.  And, in general, as a population, we tend to place stress in our lower back and feel stiff and tight through our hips (many times, because some sit for long periods of time!)

To conquer these feelings of tension and tightness, I put together a 15 minute stretching program for you to use as a part of your training, to release your hips and lower back.  The program is a combination of yoga postures and stretches – if anything doesn’t quite work for you – modify it so that it does (ask me if you need help!).  Nothing should ever be painful or feel ‘wrong’ – it should enable you to feel more relaxed and flexible!


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