Proper Pacing Come Race Day – Part 1 Pacers

We’re less than 10 days from Cap City 2012!  I am so excited and I know all of you are getting pumped and just a bit nervous.  You should know by now how your fitness has improved over the last several months of training.  You may have a goal in mind for a time come race day.  You’ve seen the course maps and may have even driven the course.  Now you need to figure out your race pace and strategy.  I will dedicate an entire blog to that, but I want to focus this one on the use of pacers.  Lots of big races have pacers, some good some bad.  We’ve got a great team of pacers for Cap City, the world famous MIT pace team! They are out there for you.  They want you to enjoy every minute of your race experience, so they will worry about the pacing duties so that you do not have to deal with it if you don’t wish.  They will point out the porta potties, upcoming water stations, places where you should run the vectors (the shortest part of the road and how the course is marked – not cheating!).  They will generally run even paced race and their goal is to have you finish ahead of them!  How they deal with water stops will vary only a bit, some will walk them, some will slow down and then let you all catch up.  When in doubt, ask them!

MIT Pacers

Marathoner in Training is a great group of runners here in Central Ohio.  For many of us, it has become a lifestyle and not merely a training group.  We love running and love hanging out together, on the trail and off.  The majority of MIT pacers for Cap City are also MIT pace coaches.  We do this week in and week out, about 45 weeks of the year.  We love pacing and we can nail a pace when asked!  We also think of ourselves as moving cheerleaders (but not overly peppy, don’t worry).  There’s a lot of support and chatter from the pacers, so you can just zone out and run if you want!  They will be running an even pace throughout the course.  They will have special singlets and pace signs and balloons so that you can easily find them come race morning.  They will be out there early so you can talk with them and see if their plan matches up with your own.

Some info from Specific Pace Groups

A few of our pacers wanted to share some pre-race info with you all.

2:45 Group Dave and Jen

Jen and Dave will be pacing for a 2 hour and 45 minute finish which is an average pace of 12:35. Our plan is to walk through all water stops, so we will run closer to a 12:00 mile pace to compensate. Jen will preview the course with the pace team Sunday AM so we are prepared to be great course caddies!  Training and pacing for MIT every week makes for a fun and fabulous race day. – Jen and Dave

2:20 Group Jennifer and Nicole (a very spirited group)

We leave no man behind. I always make every last of my pack pass me at the end :0)  We also do a lot of Whoo hoo’ing at mile markers, what happens on the trail stays on the trail ha.  We do enjoy dressing up to entertain ie st pattys halloween etc –  Jennifer

2:05 Group Erin and Dave

Welcome to the 9:30-9:33 minute pace group! We expect to finish in 2:05 and have lots of fun out there! This will be a VERY popular pace group and we will be carrying a sign and balloons for you to keep an eye on the whole race.   Our goal is to ensure your race is evenly paced. We hope to finish BEHIND you! As your pacers, we will not stop to drink at the hydration tables. Your pacers will grab, chug and jog through the stations to give you a chance to quickly hydrate without getting water up your nose. We will speed back up to pace as we leave the hydration tables. Don’t forget to smile for the cameras!

Plan your race but make some time to enjoy it!

Make sure that you have a plan in mind for pacing, nutrition, hydration and such.  Don’t worry if something goes slightly amiss however, like you go out too fast.  Don’t just give up your plan, fix it immediately.  If you went out too fast in mile 1, slow down as soon as you’ve figured that out.  Fix your issue as soon as you can and you’ll be right back on track.  The pacers will help you control yourself if you plan is an even paced race.  If however, you want to run negative splits (faster in the second half than the first) maybe choose a slower pace group initially and work yourself up to the goal pace later in the race.  This is a great plan and is super motivating to pass folks at the end of the race!  Whatever your plan, make sure you take some time and enjoy yourself.  This is your victory lap.  You’ve done all the hard work in training and race day is the payoff.  Relish your accomplishment and make sure to smile when you see the race photographer out there!

Happy training and see you on May 5!


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