Heat Warning from Dr. Bright! Please read

All Cap City Runners.  Please read the following from Dr. Bright, medical director of the Cap City Half Marathon.  It’s going to be warmer than we have been used to running in lately and it is important that you both take precautions such as hydrating properly and slowing down and also know the signs of heat related illness.  PLEASE READ BELOW from Dr. Bright.

It’s gonna be warm

We are looking very closely at the weather situation predicted for race morning. The forecast for race morning is calling for higher than normal temperatures on the course. 10TV.com is forecasting a high temperature of 78° while other forecasts have predicted temperatures as high as 83°.

Proper Hydration

Staying properly hydrated can help to prevent heat related problems from becoming a life threatening problem. Hydrating properly is very important. We have secured additional water at all aid stations as well as the finish line. Thirst is a good indication that you are under hydrated. You should maintain hydration levels slightly greater than your hydration program in training, but not excessively so. Over-hydration can lead to other serious medical conditions.

Heat Related Illness Symptoms and Ways to Avoid It!

Elevated temperatures and high humidity can cause heat related illnesses.  The faster you are running the higher your risk for heat-related illnesses will be. Slowing down can significantly decrease your risk for heat illness.

Choosing proper clothing is also very important. Wear loosefitting lightweight clothing. Saturday will not be the day to wear running tights, long sleeve shirts, or compression socks/garments.

It is also very important that you complete the emergency medical contact information on the back of your race number.

Recognizing symptoms of heat illness is important. Symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, confusion, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. If you experience any of these symptoms stop running immediately and if symptoms persist seek medical attention.

Stay safe out there and see you at the finish!  – Coach Aimee


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  1. Seems like it’s NOT going to be the right day to push for a personal record. No shame in walking big chunks of the race if you need to; you can still say “I did 13.1” and no one will care if you walked a couple of those….

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