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Join me on Commitment Day 1/1/13

What are your plans for New Year’s Day?  Want to start the year off on a great foot?  Literally?

Join me in Commitment Day – a day where 300,000+ people in 30 cities commit to training to start 2013 on a healthy note – by completing a 5K!  Simply click here  to sign up!  Then, join me in the m3s Sports ‘1st on the 1st’ 5K.  Click here to sign up.

I’ll share my training program, tips and ideas with you and you can follow my updates by liking my Facebook fan page.  I’ll post my good days, my tough days, the days I fall off track, the days I get back on – and invite you to share your progress with me.  Together, we are going to have one awesome year!

A lot of people wait until the New Year to focus on being healthy – but lets end 2012 with a great pace and kick of 2013 healthy, happy and having fun!Let’s go! 1/1/13!