Springtime = Dress in Layers!

As the first signs of spring excite our feet, it is important to keep in mind that temperature plays a role in your performance, stamina, and overall conditioning. It is important that you dress for success as you hit the pavement.

As temperatures are cooler (especially in the morning/night), make sure to dress in layers. You want to make sure you start with a warm body – not only with a proper warm up, but with the right clothing. Cold muscles = injury and decrease in performance.
The layers will keep your body warm to help you to start off with good, flexible movements, an as your body gets warmer, you can shed a jacket and tie it around your waist.

These layers should be made of fabric that wicks sweat. Nothing is worse than sweating in the cold and then having that cold wet fabric press against your skin. It makes it heavy and makes the muscles tighten and be uncomfortable. Cotton is not a ‘sweat wicking’ fabric and may be uncomfortable to wear. Try looking for some other options. (And, that goes for socks too!)

By dressing in layers, having a nice warm up and looking forward to the sunshine, you can’t help but transition from the cold with a great stride and energy!

Here’s to your run! See you on the running path!

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