Yoga for Running?

Many of you have been sending in emails about yoga as a part of your cross-training program.
Of course, every BODY is different and will respond to things in a unique way, but yoga can be a great way to keep muscles flexible, strong, and increase mobilization through the hip and ankle joints.  It also can assist with core strength which is a key secret to strong posture and powerful strides.

I recommend finding a format or class that suits your interests – there are many different types.  Hatha (holding postures), Vinyasa (flow), Bikram (hot hot hot and a series of specific postures), and many others.  If you try one and don’t connect with the practice, give it a little time and try a few different instructors and formats until you find one that resonates with your soul.  Columbus offers many great studios – a few of my favorites include LifeTime Fitness LifePower Yoga (Arlington, Dublin, Easton, Pickerington), VPower (downtown),  Grow Yoga (Grandview), L-Flow Yoga(Gahanna), Thank Yoga (downtown/short north), Pai Yoga (Dublin) , Harbor Yoga (Dublin). Yoga on High (Short North)… among many others!  You can also take a free yoga class every Sunday at 11 am at every lululemon athletica (Easton, Polaris)

One of the most difficult challenges to yoga for runners is ‘slowing down’.  We are used to moving and being on a steady path.  Yoga asks you to slow down, reconnect with your mindfulness, and move in a way that is energizing and powerful.  Sometimes calming the mind and connecting to breath can be the simplest but most difficult parts of the class to do.  Be patient with yourself, take time, and know that yoga can be a wonderful benefit to keep your body strong, flexible, and energized.

Here is a yoga workout for runners that I created that you may enjoy.

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