Early Race Envy



It’s race week in Boston and Athens, Ohio but not quite yet in Columbus.  This is one of my favorite weeks of the year and has been since I decided to become an endurance athlete.  I love watching Boston, computer stalking my friends as they make their way from Hopkinton on down to Boylston Street, crossing the storied finish line with my favorite running buddy Coach Teri, and even got engaged after finishing my first Boston Marathon.  As much love as I have for the Patriot’s Day celebration, it makes it tough for the rest of us.  We are still training.  We still have long runs left to go.  We are thrilled that race day is here for so many our friends, but we remember that we have work left to do.  Its tough.  We want to be tapering or getting ready for race day.  Quite frankly we are jealous that they get to race and we still are training!

Run for The Fun of It

Throw your Garmin in a bag and put your watch in a drawer, maybe even (gasp) put your headphones away.  Go out for a run because you want to not because the schedule says you should.  Do not worry about the pace or the distance, simply run or walk to the beat that your body sets.  Look around, feel the wind at your back, enjoy the smell of all the spring time blooming trees, taste the rain if you get caught in an April storm.  Remember why you started to run or walk in the first place.  Each one of you has a reason for embarking on this journey to 13.1 or maybe even 26.2 miles.  That is what will get you out the door for the next 3 weeks. 

Where You are Now

Remember how that first couple weeks of training felt?  That how could I possibly run 3 miles let alone 13.1 feeling?  Your training has made that feeling a thing of the past.  Now a 3 mile day is an easy one and if we decided to create chaos and ask you to run the half or quarter tomorrow – you could.  Shocked?  You shouldn’t be, your bodies are ready to do the job because you have been true to your training.  The next few weeks are important but only in that we don’t want you to rest too early and “peak” before race day.  You are already endurance athletes, now is just the time to sharpen the blade and make sure it is ready to strike on May 4. 

You have changed, for the better.  You have smashed boundaries that you had set in your mind.  They no longer exist.  You ran through snow, ice, treadmill torture, alone, with friends, stressed, calm, even in an 83 degree day in April!  You got out of bed at 4am so the family could stay asleep while you trained or you went out at 11pm because that’s when you got home from a work trip.  You did this, you are doing this, and you WILL celebrate your success on May 4th!

Best Wishes to All Boston and Athens Runners

Although we are jealous that you get to race 3 weeks before we do, we wish you all the best!  You put in the work and you are reaping the rewards.  Enjoy.  We look forward to your stories and photos next week.  All we ask is that you come back to Columbus and cheer on the Cap City Runners on the first Saturday in May!

Happy Training!

Coach Aimee

p.s. Much love to all you half and full marathoners from all the local training groups who have races this weekend.  I know there are too many to name, but you know who you are and we are with you in spirit.  Rock those races!

Thanks to the blogger I stole the picture from (can’t find my own right now…). http://hikeclimbsurfrun.com/tag/boston-marathon/

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  1. This is a good post, a breath of fresh given all the bad news in Boston…thanks! Much healing to all the family and friends involved.

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