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Race Day Tips!

Perfect!  That’s how the weather looks to most people for Saturday.  However to a runner it might look a bit warm.  Remember to be hydrating this week and take hydration as required during the race.  If you need to know how much check out an earlier post.  


Also, remember to dress for the race not for standing in the corral.  It will be in the 50s in the morning and you should feel just a bit cool while waiting for the start.  It’s going to reach the mid 70s that day though!  Also remember you will warm up simply by moving by around mile 1 or 2, so dress as if the temperature is 15-20 warmer than the thermometer says. If you are wearing long sleeves and tights, come mile 5 you will probably be too warm.  Stick with what you know but think about how warm it will be as you are running.  You can bring some “throw away clothes” and discard them at the start, they will be collected and donated to charity!

Expo – Race weeks is so much fun and it starts with the expo.  Come join us to pick up your packet, browse all the goodies that the vendors have to offer, and chat with us.   I will be there Thursday evening and Friday afternoon so stop by and say hi!  Coach Julie and I are both giving talks on Friday afternoon so swing by and get last minute tips.  Enjoy yourself but don’t spend too much time on your feet on Friday, even at the expo.

Event Guide – The Cap City Event Guide has pretty much everything you need to know about race day.  There’s a parking map, an awesome 2-page course map, nutrition tips from Giant Eagle Dietician Kristen O’Connor, and race day tips from our medical director Dr. Darrin Bright.  If you haven’t yet, take a look at the event guide.  If you still have questions you can always ask us at the expo!

Nervous energy and butterflies are normal on race week, even for those who have run half marathons for years.  You trained hard for this and you want to see your hard work put into action.  Spend the next few days trying to relax.  Get a bit of extra sleep Wed and Thurs nights in case you get a bit of insomnia on Friday.  Think about crossing the finish line and visualize your finish line celebration.  Enjoy the race as you are running.  Be in the moment and realize that you are doing something truly special.  YOU made this happen!  We cannot be more excited to celebrate with you this week and to welcome you to the finish line on Saturday morning.

Happy Running! 

Coach Aimee