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Coach Julie

Coach Julie

The best part of the Cap City Half Marathon is the journey to the finish line.  From the day you began your commitment, to the moment your toes cross that line, the experiences, challenges, people and learnings that you encounter that make it an unforgettable, powerful journey.  And we want to celebrate that journey.

One wonderful way to celebrate that journey is by enjoying Columbus and all that it has to offer!  On Saturday night after the race, once you’ve massaged your muscles, rehydrated your system, and rested your body from the journey, why not plan a fun outing, to celebrate the city?

So here’s where I need your help!  We have thousands of out-of-towners come into Columbus for the race, and they may not know where to go!  That’s why I am depending on YOU to give them some ideas.


For the next few weeks, anytime you are out and about in Columbus:

  • Find a restaurant or menu item you like, snap a photo of it (food or sign of restaurant), post it to instagram and tag it ‘#capcityeats’.
  • If you are at park or local sight-seeing attraction, tag your photo, ‘#capcityplays’.
  • If you are at a hotel or know of a good one in town you recommend, snap a photo of it and tag it on instagram as, ‘#capcitystays’.

Make sure to give the name of the place, and any other information you may have (website, address or phone number!)

Help us to create a directory of great recommendations for the guest of our city on May 3!

Instagram tags:

#capcityeats, #capcityplays, #capcitystays

Here’s to celebrating your journey, and our fabulous city!

-Coach Julie


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