Relax – You’ve Got This!

Two weeks to go!  This weekend is the last long training run of the season.  Often this is the time of nerves, wondering if you can do the longest run of the season and then the RACE.  The good news is YOU’VE GOT THIS!  All of the training up to now has prepared you for this day and for May 3.  Your body is ready, now it’s time to get the mind ready and wrapped around the fact that you will be a finisher on May 3rd.


Every week we’ve progressed, either in mileage or by giving your body a recovery week to rebuild.  If you’ve been following our schedules, or any appropriate half/quarter marathon schedule, you will have the base to get to the finish.  What seemed daunting on week one is simply just another week of training now.  Perspectives have changed, bodies are stronger.  The finish line is truly within reach.

I have one more request of you for this week during your long run.  As you are somewhere in the middle of your run, take a deep breath like the kind in high school gym class or better yet a yoga cleansing breath.  Then take another one.  And THEN look around you, take it all in.  Think back on where you started, both today and 4 months ago.  Remember all the cold, snowy, early morning workouts.  Soak in the warmth of today.  Let your mind wander to the last few miles of Cap City.  Picture the last turn and how you will feel when that finish line comes into view.  Relax.  You have done the work.  Enjoy your last long run.  Race day is a celebration but the long run is too.

Congratulations on getting through what has been the roughest training season in memory!  You all have certainly earned your medal and the party that awaits on May 3rd.  We cannot wait to welcome you to the finish line!

Happy Training (and remember RELAX)!


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