What’s Your #capcitymotivation?

10260038_10152441566606613_5901248709776645899_nStudies tell us that when we are intrinsically motivated – that is – we have a personal reason why we want to do something – we are much more likely to do it – and to stick with it.
When it comes to training for an event like the Cap City Half, Quarter or 5k, we know the road can be long, and training can be tough.  Rainy days can be hard to get your training in, and even one or two days that get you off track can change your entire mindset.

So, it is important to know what motivates you from the inside out.

  • Is it to be a good role model for your kids?
  • Is it to do something you’ve never done before?
  • Is it to take care of your body?
  • Is it to improve a time or performance?
  • Insert your own reason here!

When you know why you want to do something, you are much likely to stick with it, especially when it gets tough, or you feel like you’ve fallen off, or you have one too many ‘rainy days’.  And sharing your motivation can inspire someone else too!

I thought I’d start by sharing my motivation – because it is what has kept me focused, year after year.  My #capcitymotivation is my desire to overcome my previous medical challenges and live into a strong, healthy, long life.  Born with a heart problem so severe, I was pronounced dead at birth.  The doctors said I wouldn’t live long.  When I showed signs of thriving, they wrote ‘Miracle’ across my c189539_10150161926306613_8009395_nharts.  They told my mom I shouldn’t expect to live to be a teenager and would never be an athlete.  In the 5th grade, I started to run  because of the advice of my 5th grade gym teacher, Mr. Larry Larson.  And – incredibly, the doctors marveled at how my heart started to heal itself.  The more I ran, the stronger and healthy my heart and body felt.  Today at 40, I attribute a consistent focus on fitness, surrounding myself with positive people and the desire the become better each day – as the key reasons why my heart continues to heal and get stronger!  That’s my motivation.  It’s truly about living a powerful life each day!

Now, I want to hear about yours!  Post your motivation for why you are training for Cap City – either just through words or with a photo of yourself and tag #capcitymotivation on our FB page or on instagram.  I’ll highlight a few of your posts next week!

When you are motivated, you know how to keep going on those tough days.  And, it also makes those good days even  more rewarding!  So get out there – for the reasons that are important to you – and rock out your run/walk today – with your motivation!



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